Ethical practice promise

When I created Simply Sites it’s because I wanted to give everybody the chance to promote their business, regardless of their budget. My aim for Simply Sites is for it to be community minded, collaborative, sustainable and ethical.

My ethical business practices are below.

What you can expect from working with us.

  • We will behave professionally and with courtesy.

  • Fees quoted will be honoured and if these need to change due to your website expanding or being outside the time remit of the original job, we will explain the new fees and different options available to you.

  • Communication will be replied to quickly, we will not ghost you. We expect the same courtesy from you.

  • We will behave in accordance of our Terms of Service, which you will be sent at the time of quoting, again at the time of agreeing to work together and they will be made available to you at any time, should you request them.

  • We will promote Diversity, Equality and Inclusion on our own website as well as clients websites. We will ensure all our websites are accessible to users, including working well with screen readers and other accessibility tools.

What we won’t do

  • We won’t inflate our fees to increase profits.

  • We will not use foul language or derogatory terminology.

  • We won’t over-promise or under-deliver.

  • We won’t exclude you from your website project. You will have the opportunity to feed back and have your comments, thoughts and opinions listened to and actioned.

  • We won’t leave you with a website you don’t know how to use. Your finished project will be complemented with a website user manual which has personalised tutorials for your website.


We believe we can all learn from each other.  The best way we can do this is through feedback. With all my websites, we ask for feedback so website owners can feel truly heard during the experience and an affinity with their website. We are also happy to receive feedback at the end of a project, so we can keep working on creating a brilliant experience for our website customers.

Our team regularly have feedback sessions and their opinions are always taken on board with changes being made, where appropriate.

Feedback can be given over email or booking a call with me.

Good business charter accredited company logo


We’re delighted to be accredited to The Good Business Charter. The GBC is an organisation which recognises the responsible businesses actions of all sized businesses.

The GBC is an independent not-for-profit organisation working with organisations including the TUC, and FSB to give a benchmark for ‘Good Business’ which is accessible to all.

A company must meet requirements in each of these ten areas to receive GBC accreditation.

I am committed to abiding by the components set by the GBC and work with companies and individuals who hold the same values.

Good business charter tiles of different areas of accreditation