How to add an image to your WordPress website

Whether you’re using an image on your website to be the page’s featured image, or you’d like it to be a background so you can overlay it with text. Or you’d like it to move up with the page (this is known as parallax), this tutorial is designed for you.

We’ve created this tutorial as a video because it gets into the details without you having to worry about scrolling through reams of text, or missing any steps. However if you would like the text to accompany the video, simply click on the toolbar of the video itself and either choose to enable captions or the transcript and you can follow along from there.

In this video we cover:

  • Getting the SEO settings right.

  • Sizing the image correctly

  • Converting images to WebP format

  • Labelling and Alt text

  • Accessibility – making sure your image is setup for screen readers

  • Choosing the right size for your website space

  • Adjusting the border radius (rounding corners)