Using Titles and Headings on your WordPress website

Titles and headings are an important part of website design. They help us to group information, create visual breaks and more importantly, they help Google and other search engines to index the content.

Which Heading or title you choose, matters. There’s a hierarchy that search engines follow and if you don’t get it right, your website won’t appear in search results.

We’ve created this video to show you how to add, customise and insert headings and titles. We also walk you through the hierarchy of the headings, so you know you can reliably get it right when updating your website.

In this video we cover:

  • The hierarchy of Headings 1 – 3

  • How to set your global heading settings

  • How to add an individual heading to your website

  • How to format the individual heading settings

If you would like to see written step-by-step instructions then click on the control bar of the video to turn on captions or view the transcript.