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Why we don’t do template websites.

If you’re on a budget and you need a website the chances are you’ve looked at template websites. These come in different forms:

👉 All in one solution: SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify and free WordPress.

👉 Stacked solution: where you have your own hosting and domain setup and you use a template made and sold on the software of your choice, for example - WordPress.

👉 Private sale solution: a developer or designer creates a template and sells it to you to upload to your hosting, along with an instruction manual or tutorials for you to add the website content to it.

Template websites are often aimed at small business as a way to get online quickly and within a tight budget. It presents as an affordable solution because you, the buyer has to do the work to get the website up and running, yourself.

Sounds great right?  But there’s always a catch and it’s not necessarily the catch you’d think. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Template websites look like templates.

No matter how much personality and branding you add to your template website, there is no mistaking a bought template. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of small businesses out there with the same template. If the template is on a popular platform, for example the free version of WordPress and it’s aimed at a particular industry, let’s say a bakery, then your business is going to look like all the others’ (and possibly worse, as the website is created using your skillset, not the developers).  If you’re making the investment of creating a website, you deserve it to be as individual as your business.

Simply Sites websites are designed to flex to your brand. We don’t leave anything to chance and we recognise that building websites isn’t your job; it’s ours. You choose the Simply Site website that suits your business or personal brand best, we jump on a call to get to know you and make sure we can nail the design with your personality and branding then you leave the rest up to us. This allows you to maintain control of the overall look, while allowing our experts to create a one-of-a-kind website for your business.

Templates don’t come with expertise.

When you purchase a website template, that is all you’re getting. You’re then expected to either learn how to use the website builder from a couple of tutorials or you’re left Googling how to do it, so you can create your website.

That is not how we work. When you purchase a Simply Site, we’re the ones who do the building. Our dynamic duo, Holly and Amy have over 20 years experience between them of building websites. We can have your website up and running within a week of receiving all your branding and content, with you not having to do anything more than send us the info. If everything’s really brand new we can even organise your branding, source your images and introduce you to our copywriters.

Once your website’s live we’ll send you a personalised, comprehensive Website User Manual so when it is time for your website to be updated to grow with your business, you’ll be able to do it yourself. We’re also on-hand for any advice you may need.

Templates aren’t Search Engine Optimised.

Websites have to be search engine optimised to rank on Google. Template websites come with very little or no on page SEO options which means you will have no way to change meta tags, page URLS and a number of other technical elements.

SEO begins as soon as your website build starts. It’s in everything from how your copy is written, how your images are added to the website, to the setup and labelling of each page. That’s just the on-page stuff, there’s a whole heap of things behind the scenes that needs doing before we even start to build the pages. We build all these features and more into your website as we build it, to make sure your website is performing from day 1.

Templates aren’t always responsive.

With every phone handset, laptop screen, tablet brand and desktop being different sizes, resolutions and pixels, websites need to be responsive to display perfectly on all devices. This is for more than just a good design and user experience. Search Engines will only select websites for their search results which are responsive and will display beautifully on all devices.

A lot of work goes into making websites responsive, which includes changing spacing, disabling animated elements and adjusting column orders. Template websites will do the most basic of responsive design - stretch it out for desktops and break it into columns and stack them one on top of the other for mobiles. It won’t look good, the user journey will be terrible and search engines won’t display the website in their search results.

Each Simply Site website is completely responsive (just look at the websites now on your mobile or large desktop) we don’t just rely on our pre-built framework when creating your website, we hand finish every website to make sure it’s completely responsive according to your website content.

Templates aren't often accessible.

Accessibility is one of the most important factors of a website build. It's important that everybody can access your website and this includes blind and partially sighted people. There are different steps we include in a website build to make sure our websites are 100% accessible to all communities. Some of these practices won't be available with template websites, particularly free ones and even if they are, the chances are, when building your website, you're not going to know what you need to do to ensure your website is compliant.

All Simply Sites websites have an accessibility score between 95 - 100, to ensure the search engines choose your website as a top rated search result. We also make sure all communities can access the websites so communities don't feel excluded and you don't lose out on potential customers.

Design Limitations.

As your business grows you’ll want to adapt your website to reflect changes in products or services and you’ll most likely come up against design limitations of the software or template. Whether you’re looking to add a shop or forms or even create a membership, the limitations are not only frustrating but can also be costly!

Simply Sites websites are designed to meet you at the start of your business journey and grow with you, alongside your business. You have full control to add pages, forms/shops/plugins and there’s always a member of the team to help you with your website to meet your growing needs.

Be in full control of your website

The Simply Sites team want you to succeed and have full control of your website, so whether you want a simple, easy to use, stunning designed one pager. Or you’re looking for a shop or membership…. You can do it! Simply Site websites are build with a user-friendly interface and a multitude of options for you to expand as your business grows. Want to expand but aren’t confident in doing it yourself? No problem, we are always just an email away to point you in the right direction.

To start your Simply Sites journey, or to just have a chat with us, you can book a free, no obligation call with us, using the button below and we’ll look forward to helping you get clear on your online presence for your small business.